When all else fails, revert to the Old Ways


Last year’s St Andrew’s talk at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh was by the Honourable Lord Lyon.  He taught us about sennachies.  A sennachie was the Clan or Family genealogist.  I was appointed my mother’s family genealogist in 1990 by my aunt who said it was my grandfather’s wishes.  It is so addictive but loads of fun.  

Understanding DNA and genealogy

My mother had my last surviving uncle test in 2009 as he was the last male of her line.  It turned 20 years of genealogy on it’s head.  The DNA results do explain some family traits but ended a famous Old Virginia line and opened us up to the Highlands of Scotland or better yet the Isles of Scotland.  

What is so difficult, many people in the words of Neil Oliver, ‘reinvented themselves’ because of many reasons but mainly because they were Jacobites who had to hide from the Blackwatch which was sent by the UK government to kill all traitors.  

This is a hard fact of life for many to accept but I am finding out, DNA is the footprints of my ancestors trekking through me!